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Client / Denbighshire County Council
Budget / 4million GBP
Stage / Competition 2009


Designed in conjunction with Flint and Neill and MG Bennett, this bridge is a response to the site conditions: it directly relates to the physical and human context by having a highly visible presence at the entrance to Foryd Harbour. The geometry of the bridge has been considered to ensure that the location of the bridge, and as importantly its opening sequence, is as visible as possible from the surrounding urban area. In this sense the bridge is consciously a landmark – and is intended to serve as marker for orientation in the surrounding area, and a prominent symbol for its immediate coastal and maritime context.

Perhaps above all else, the opening span is based on the simplest concept for any opening bridge ? a single bascule leaf. Avoiding swing options and options that require locking pins at either end eliminates the need for more complicated systems commonly used for opening bridges. By adopting such a simple mechanical principle, associated control other secondary systems are also vastly simplified thereby providing a proportional increase in overall reliability as it is often these secondary systems which prove to be least reliable.

The long lever arm of the counterbalance further increases the efficiency of the bridge and the balanced form of opening deck and mast provide a legible expression of the opening sequence ? in the closed position the form gives the impression of the potential for movement, whilst during opening the tipping of the mast is a direct counterpoint to the lifting of the deck.