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Client / Galp Energia
Budget / EURO 1,000,000
Stage / International Competition 2009

2nd Prize

Located over a busy arterial motorway in Lisbon, the concept for this cycle and pedestrian bridge combines a readily accessible and distinctive form with a feeling of security and protection for the bridge user.

The form of the bridge describes a ‘contraflecting’ or ‘z’ form over the 2a circular carriageway. The bridge comprises ramped approaches plus the main span over the carriageway. In formal terms the bridge is a sinuous but geometrically simple object, described by a single plan alignment and a single governing cross sectional shape.

The essence of the bridge is its simplicity with few components. It is a hybrid combining aspects of a through trough girder and a closed box beam. The plates which form the sides of the trough act as acoustic and visual protection to the bridge users. These plates wrap around as a continuous surface with the deck box. The wrapped steel surface is stiffened with stiffeners cut from 20mm plate. These act as repetitive U frames which stabilise the top flanges.

The surfaces of the bridge will be painted with glass flake epoxy paint as used on offshore oil platforms. It is intended that the outer surface will be painted in an appropriate colour for the location and the requirement for the bridge to act as a signifier for Galp Energia. The inner surface of the bridge would be painted with a satin finish colour that can be readily reapplied to ensure a low reflective surface that is maintainable but that can also accommodate marks and scratches with minimal visual impairment.

The night time lighting scheme will specifically illuminate the internal surface of the bridge to accentuate the interior space provided by the structure and ensure the visibility of the bridge from all approaches. The projector lighting units will be discretely located between stiffening webs, outside of the parapet line and concealed by the horizontal primary structure.