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Client / Mestina Obcina Maribor
Budget / Confidential
Stage / RIBA C

This proposal, connecting the Lent and Tabor banks of the River Drava in Maribor, is intended as a subtle companion to the existing iconic Glavni Most crossing [Main Bridge]. The bridge has a minimal presence when viewed against the Glavni Most, tying the low level riverbank areas together with one line that allows for a full appreciation of the formally complex structure of the existing bridge.

Structurally, the bridge is a stressed ribbon, where the deck rests directly on a series of tendon cabes that span from bank to bank. The catenaries described by these cables maintain an average gradient of no more than 1:20, allowing for bicycle and pedestrian use.

The body of the bridge is almost entirely concrete, whilst the parapets would be fabricated from satin polished stainless steel, utilising many elements at close spacing but with very minimal cross sectional thickness such that from distant views the parapet appears to dissolve and become invisible, whilst from oblique angles it takes on the form of a shimmering ribbon.

Lighting is provided at a low level, illuminating the steel ribbons on either side of the deck and providing waymarking for bridge users.