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Client / Braemar Community Ltd
Budget / Confidential
Stage / RIBA C

Spanning the River Dee near Braemar in Scotland, this foot and cycle bridge will link the highland town with access tracks that lead into the Cairngorm massif: the mountain area at the heart of the UK’s largest, highest and most remote National Park. The bridge will fulfill a long standing wish on the part of Braemar residents and visitors to the area to have a permanent fixed link between the north and south banks of The River Dee adjacent to the village.

The 85 metre long deck is suspended within a cable net ‘valley’ of inclined hangers; creating a slender silhouette for the bridge when viewed along the line of the river and a unique spatial experience for bridge users. The catenary cables are located beyond and outwith the line of the bridge at the abutments while meeting the deck at midspan. The inclined geometry provides a degree of lateral restraint to the deck, stiffening the structure and in combination with the pre-cast deck reducing the need for additional dampening in the structural system. The ‘raking V’ pylons at either end of the bridge define the geometry of the suspension net, marking the abutments of the bridge and signalling the structure as a gateway to the wilderness area.