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This combined cycle and pedestrian bridge has been designed for the King’s Cross Central Development Partnership at its landmark project in the heart of London, King’s Cross.  The bridge spans the Regent’s Canal between Camley Street and what will be known as Gasholder Gardens, forming an important connection to the west and to Camden.

Working closely with Arup, the design is for an incredibly slender steel plate structure. The bridge is only 15mm thick and yet will span the entire 38-metre crossing without any intermediate support.

The bridge is one of extreme simplicity: it is shaped in response to structural demands with the minimum materials needed.  In keeping with the great Victorian design in the nearby vicinity, the bridge is robust and unadorned, with the structure working as hard as possible.  Detail craftsmanship has been employed throughout, through a careful selection of materials and the minimalist shaping of key components that pedestrians will come into contact with.