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Client / Private
Budget / Private
Stage / RIBA C

This design for studio apartments on an urban infill site in Athens explores the architectural and functional potential of deep facades. Structural steel frames partially infilled with brick form the face of the building, modulating light, providing layers of texture and detail and controlling the intensity of solar gain reaching the internal spaces.

In addition to solar shading and ventilation, the depth of elevation is utilised to give each unit additional storage space, freeing the studio from clutter. Pockets are configured as either covered balconies or ventilated storage spaces, providing space for storage of sports equipment, drying clothes and bulky items. This space can also be used for plants, giving the opportunity for residents to grow their own vegetables and herbs.

The material character is a response both to the climate and to the character of immediate area; site-specific factors determine the density and character of infill for each panel, the distribution of brick in each panel modified according to the direction of sunlight, privacy requirements and overlooking of adjacent buildings.