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Client / Private
Budget / Confidential
Stage / RIBA C

The design objective for this beachfront house on the island of New Providence is to reconcile the client’s requirement for a secure family home with an approach to landscape that is expansive and ambitious. The house is intended to connect with the immediate landscape through an open ended interplay between garden elements and interior elements. The built form overlaps the landscape and vice versa; internal partitions extend to form retaining walls in the landscape, roof planes oversail the envelope of the building and irrigation channels cross between the inside and outside helping to regulate ambient temperature.

The construction method is simple and locally based. A basic combination of reinforced concrete and blockwork is proposed with the primary structure to the walls and floors overclad in limestone or similar to provide for a high degree of thermal mass. Secondary non-loadbearing elements are to be fabricated off site for precision in their manufacture. These elements comprise high quality bespoke joinery and electrochromic glazed partitions.

The primary energy load for a building in this location is that associated with temperature regulation. The massive nature of the construction, combined with labyrinth cooling plenums concealed within the floor slabs ensures as efficient as possible usage of cool air provided by air handling units.

Passive measures for heat regulation include extensive overhangs to the south and west facades of the building, as well as stack ventilation in the vertical risers of the primary structure, whilst all external and semi external spaces will be subject to evaporative cooling by way of continuous water channels.